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Gaming: Runescape – PvP Trick – Make ‘Millions’ in Seconds

Nellie Garcia

To start, buy yourself a Dragon scimitar.
Wield this scimitar and get a skull by attacking someone you have not fought since you logged on. With the skull you will be risking your scimitar, so be careful. To protect your prized dragon weapon, you should set your Quick Prayers to “Protect Item” (Level 25) and “Protect from Melee” (Level 43).

To set the Quick Prayers, right-click the prayer icon to the left of the mini-map and choose both of the prayers mentioned above. After you have skulled, go upstairs in any building of the cities of Falador or Ardougne, it is preferable to hide upstairs of any building. These are Hot Zones which will give you up to 25% of Earning Potential in 30 minutes.

When your skull runs out, attack a new person and if you die, run back to your spot. It is nice to have a friend to talk to so you are not extremely bored for two hours; this person can also serve as the player you do the trick with, provided they are within your combat level’s attacking range.

Once you have 100% EP you can get a partner and do the trick. To get maximum drop, you should still just risk your scimitar and have an inventory of sharks as well as a teleport tab to the city in which you are tricking; your partner should risk at least 26,003 Coins. You and your partner should run out of a safe area and attack each other quickly to avoid Pkers.

You both should use a magic spell, a ranged attack, and a special attack with melee; poison helps too. Your should pray “Chivalry” or “Piety” (Level 60 or 70) if you have it, “Protect from Melee”, and “Protect Item” and your partner should pray “Redemption” (Level 52). Afterward, your partner should run into the bank so you are safe getting your drop-a good time to run into the bank is when the “Redemption” prayer activates. Once the loot falls on the ground, take whatever you want and leave the garbage loot and food on the ground if you want. Do this until you are at 3 or under EP.

Then you may let your partner go if they got EP, or sell your loot. The Artifacts can be sold to Nastroth in Lumbridge on PvP worlds or Mandrith in Edgeville who stays in Bounty Worlds. The rest of the loot can be kept or sold on the Grand Exchange or just traded to other players.

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