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How to Play a Druid in World of Warcraft

Nellie Garcia

There are plenty of character classes in the game of World of Warcraft that one could play, but one of the best ways to play a character is to know exactly how to play the character and use its skills. When it comes to being a druid one needs to know how to use their spells, transformation forms and even the melee attack with the staff or wand. Druids are wonderful characters to play and can enhance game play alone or with a group of others in a dungeon or raid. Druids use earth magic to attack their target and to help enhance attack and armor skills of others.
First and foremost are the druid spells. A druid really cannot get by without using their spells. Before going into battle a druid should have their “buffs” on which are spells that improve attack skills. The spell “thorns” coat the druid with thorns so when the attacker hits him or her they in turn get harmed. Before attacking a target the druid should use a spell known as entangling roots which tangles the target with roots disabling them from moving so the druid can attack from a safe distance. Then attack with a spell that hits for a certain amount of point over a certain amount of time before moving to the one hit spells like wrath. Entangling roots and the small hit point spells take damage while the druid uses other spells or even their staff. A druid can do up close combat as long as their staff skills are exceptional, but the most harm done is through spells.

Once the druid gets to a certain level they can transform into various creatures such as a bear or wolf (different levels get access to different forms). Once in the form of a say a bear the druid’s melee attack is more powerful. Once in this form you still need to know what to use as combination moves to attack. You can roar first for the slow attack spell effect and the maul and just swipe the target with your paws. Sometimes this is better for battle with targets lower level than you are or when your character is out of mana which is y our magic points. Also when you are trapped being attacked by multiple targets, you can transform and run away from the situation faster.

Melee attacks aren’t a druid’s best attack unless of course they are transformed. But when a druid is in the situation where they need to attack full on they need to have the right weapon. A sword isn’t going to do a druid any good, but a staff or wand will be the best option. Druids can learn the skill of poison making so they can coat their weapon with poison for the added attack. Because each character can learn two professions it is best for a druid to know at least alchemy so they can make potions to help in case they run out of mana too soon, or need more health in a short time.

Druids can be fun characters to play. They have different personalities depending on how you choose to play them, but like any other character you need to know how to play the class in order to succeed the way you intend to. If you don’t know how to play the character you may just end up getting bored of the character and not play them anymore and that’s generally not what one wants. Enjoy your time as a druid.

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