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New World Housing Guide

Nellie Garcia


Houses basically act as a status symbol in the New World platform, and alongside that, they are also a functional component that helps to get around the map a lot quicker, inflict additional damage, acquire better equipment, gather rare resources or materials, and craft higher gear score. While you go through the house acquisition phase, it will help you choose an ideal location of your own, and explain the significance of a house in the game.

If you’re in search of additional titles, then purchasing a house is a ‘must’ for you. Because when you enter the housing market in the game, you are granted the ‘Houseowner’ title, which is a proud badge to be displayed.

One of the major benefits of owning a house is that you can teleport to it from any location; however, it is free only every few hours. Alternatively, you can always pay Azoth to reset the timer and teleport instantly. It’s quite cheaper than utilizing the teleports between the cities and waypoints. So, it’s vital to wisely choose the location of the house by analyzing the areas across the map. You can have about three houses at a given time, and any more than that would require you to withdraw one of the presently owned houses. It’s a good means to quickly jump from location to location.

The Housing Market

Housing in the game comes in the form of four tiers, where tier one costs 5,000 New World Coins, tier two costs 10,000 gold coins, tier three costs 15,000 gold coins, and tier four costs 20,000 gold coins. You may end up waiting until you can afford and acquire access to tier four, as the game mechanics offer a 50% discount on your first home. However, it’s not suggested because your taxes will be high, and you’ll be missing out on most of the benefits in this New World Housing Guide.

A good recommendation would be to purchase a tier two house in one of the starting areas to have enough space for additional storage. The intriguing part about purchasing a house is that you wander around from town to town and city to city to look for every possible option that you have. You can even bring a friend along with you if he or she is willing to be a part of your journey.

Similarly, decorating the house is quite entertaining, as you get to grind and level up your Furnishing skills to access various intriguing house designs. Also, one of the best benefits of houses is Storage Chests.

Housing Perks

As mentioned above, ‘one of the best benefits of owning a house is Storage Chests, while the other being Trophies. Having additional storage space in the game is important, and you should always pick them as a territory upgrade. Similarly, Storage Chests are the superior variants of such additional storage boosts. However, you need to get your Furnishing skill to level 35 to make the basic chest called Hewn Log Storage Chest in this New World Housing Guide. As you progress further in levels, you can replace the older versions of the chest with new and more spacious ones. The reason behind owning two houses is that a tier-one house only offers one Storage Chest.

Trophies that are displayed in your house offer global perks. So, if you place two of the same trophies in different houses, the buffs stack up and work together to provide the benefits. It’s worth noting that every house can display up to five trophies, so with the right trophies and extra houses, you can empower your character with ease. The buffs from trophies include improving your damage, crafting, gathering, and luck. A good suggestion would to be max out in looting luck and explore areas to gather rare materials.


There’s always a downside for everything, and the downside here is that if you are a homeowner, you need to pay taxes every week, which entirely depends upon the tier level of your property. That’s why it’s better to purchase a house in an area with lower tax rates, but then again, zones change regularly so there’s isn’t much to consider. Also, note that the more decoration you have in the house, the more tax you will have to pay.

If you don’t pay your taxes, you won’t be able to ‘recall’ your house, the trophy buffs will be disabled, you will lose access to the storage chests, and you will no longer be able to visit the house. However, the plus point is that the bill doesn’t increase if you don’t pay, so if the house tax hasn’t been paid for a month, you only have to pay the weekly sum of the tax.

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