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Runescape Gaming Guide

Nellie Garcia

Ok, most people look everywhere on how to get your skills up or just how to make money. This is a guide that has it all.
Ok, you’re most likely reading this because your stuck somewhere and you need a little bit of guidance to reach your goal. It’s ok, most people do as well.


If you’re training strength and you are a free to play player(f2p), then you’re wondering where are good places to train your strength. Well, some of the best places are suprisingly these:

Cockroaches, they give off about 388 xp each, but have 97 hp.Their mainly better to train on for strength levels around 80 and above. You can still train on them because they have some very decent drops. Around every 45 minutes you make about 50k down there. So it’s not all that bad to train down there considering you make a pretty good profit as well as some good xp.

White knights, these are the strength boosters. These guys will sure enough get you to whatever level of strength you wanna get to with a little bit of patience. They give off 215 xp each. Your probably thinking thats not as good as the cockroaches.Well, actually it’s better. I am right now a lvl 89 and I train on these knights. They take about 5 knights for 1k xp each. These things are fairly easy to kill and basically any level over 45 can train here.

The last but not least, is the moss giants. These guys give about 248xp each and they drop big bones that sell at diferent rates ,but the average is about 366 gp each. These guys are also very easy to kill and barley take off any damage so you don’t really have to take food unless your going ot be there for awhile.


Once you hit 55 mage stop what your doing and go to the grand exchange. If you have some money heres what you do. Go to the grand exchange and buy as many rune mediums,rune full helmet,or rune square shields as you can buy. Also you will have to buy nature runes. Once you do that then keep high alching until you reach 66 mage. The way to make money with mage continues in members world. The best way is to first do heroes quest then you can buy amulet of glory and you’ll have unlimited teleports to edgeville. This will make a lot easier for what your about to do. Go to the grand exchange and buy as many air orbs as you can still save some money to buy some cosmic runes to do the spell. The spell is charge air orbs. Go to edgeville and the ladder by the 2 yews go down it then go straight till it turns right go through the gate and head left. Once you get near the chaos druids run past them and go through another gate. You’ll then see lvl 192 black demons pass them and gclimb the ladder. There is where you charge your air orbs. Once you charge them use your glory to teleport you to edgeville and repeat. If you really do this for about 10 hours you can make some very good money. The uncharged air orbs are around 192 each and cosmics are around 300 each and you make 1k every orb. Every half hour if your fast about it you can make around 500k.

Well, thats my guide I hope it helped.

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