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World of Warcraft Character Selection Guide

Nellie Garcia

When you first start WoW, you’re probably just going to want to jump in and start playing. However, later on, you may realize that you would like a different class, race, or even an entirely different team for play. In this article, I will do my personal best to help you discover the flaws and advantages of every possible aspect of play, as well as my personal advice on leveling and making friends in the game of WoW.
Firstly, you’re going to need to choose and be loyal to a side of WoW. Would you prefer to be a member of the Alliance, or the Horde? In deciding, you’re going to want to look at the races and characters of both sides and determine based on preference. On most realms, there are fewer Alliance characters, so if you’d prefer a challenge against the opposing team, try the Alliance. I personally prefer and recommend the Horde, simply because on every realm I’ve ever played on, the Horde is much more successful in almost all Battle Ground cases, as well as are much more friendly towards its members. I’ve played Alliance on three realms, and most players are much less friendly towards me than Horde members, and I seem to lose much more frequently in battle ground fights. The team work seems much more effective in the Horde to me, and almost everyone is trustworthy and loyal. But that’s just me. If you have Alliance friends or prefer the races of the Alliance, go for it!

You may want to choose your class before your race, as the class is going to determine your pace and style, as to where class is more appearance, as well as the fact that not all races have access to all classes of characters. In choosing your class, you may want to determine what type of person you are, and what type of playing you would like to do. I personally prefer the classes which dish out the damage. I love hunters, rogues, and mages, simply because their damage is high and it makes leveling simple. If you’re someone who likes to have some awesome survivability or take some extreme damage, you’re better off going with a warrior or a paladin. These characters have much more armor and will take a blow. If you want to do more damage, go for warlock, hunter, rogue, or mage.

These classes do very high damage. If you’re someone who likes to be supportive, go for druid, priest, shaman, etc. I’d like to tell you now though, some characters are much more efficient for leveling than others. In my opinion and personal experience, I have found that warlocks and hunters are the most effective levelers because they have pets and summons to greatly increase their pace. They don’t even have to get hit while in a player vs. environment situation, and they still do heavy damage. However, only play a class which fits your personality best.

Once you have determined your class, you must then choose your race. In most cases, I would just say to choose the race which makes you happiest with the appearance, so you’ll be happy and more encouraged to play with your character. However, you may just want to be a different race to get the most out of your character. In that case, there are races which are better for select classes. However, I can’t give advice on the Alliance side, because I’m not sure exactly, as I rarely play Alliance and don’t want to give you false information. If you’re interested in creating a warrior, choose Tauren for maximum efficiency.

These characters have a racial health advantage; they will have more health and do more damage as warriors right at the start. If you’re interested in creating a warlock I would recommend Orc for the increased damage. If you’re interested in creating a mage, I would recommend Blood Elf for the increased intellect to increase spell damage as well as your mp capacity. If you would like to make a rogue, go with troll for the higher agility and thrown weapon racial advantage, as well as faster health regeneration. If you would like to make a priest, go with Undead for the increased spirit which will allow you to recover and heal for more. If you’re interested in creating a shaman, I would recommend Tauren again for the higher hp. If you want to make a druid, you’re stuck with Tauren since they’re the only Horde race which they’re available to. If you want to make a hunter, go with troll for the increased agility, bow expertise, and regeneration rate. Of course these races are only recommended for your class. I still advise that you choose the race which keeps you satisfied with your character.

As far as leveling with your new character goes, make sure to quest as much as possible. Where necessary, group up with friends and do more difficult quests as a team. Add these people to your friends and make buddies in the process! This is great for future questing together, and for tips and advice along the way with your WoW experience! I wish you all good luck with your characters, and will answer any questions you may have through comments!

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